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  1. Sydney
    Personally I am rather over Uber not paying us on a regular day. Other business can and do pay on a regular day each week, fortnight or month, whether or not you are an employee or contractor. If they are unable to meet this commitment they do advise you so that you can make arrangements. I...
  2. Sydney
    Well Uber has not paid me yet. They told me to expect it by Friday but it usually goes in Tuesday afternoon. When you're sleeping with the back seats down and living paycheck to paycheck this is just another kick in the face from Uber. How hard is it to pay drivers on time? If they can't do this...
  3. Pay
    It's Tuesday, I haven't gotten my payment from last week, and here's what I wrote them - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its Tuesday already. The deposits used to be on Monday for the previous week, at the...
1-3 of 3 Results