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  1. Las Vegas
    Just wondering.. I'd just dropped off a rider at the Linq, and was thinking about going offline to get some lunch when I noticed I was sitting in a nice surge. Decided to go back online and see what I caught.. Immediately got a request at a 1.6 surge around the corner on the strip. The rider...
  2. Las Vegas
    MAKE MORE MONEY AS A RIDE-SHARE DRIVER IN LAS VEGAS!!! (UPDATE - Nevada does not have surge times this is new information we have received from your fellow drivers in the Las Vegas area) You recently beat a bill in the legislature that was trying to limit or stop your ability to operate freely...
  3. Las Vegas
    Got a surprise especially for you Venetian stagers: you ruined this for everyone with your disorganized ugly cluster parking while sleeping pile-o-sloth mess. Venetian will now only allow rideshare at level 3 of the parking garage and will never allow you to sleep there again! Get yer...
1-3 of 3 Results