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  1. Dallas
    I'm a new Uber driver. Sunday afternoon I drove a couple to downtown Dallas. I clicked offline for a few minutes to find a bathroom. When I tried to go back online it would kick me offline immediately. I clicked it several times but couldn't stay online. It said something like needing to update...
  2. Washington DC
    Wss in the que for an hour on both Uber and Lyft. Just as I got to the front I lost cell service with 95 Uber and 45 Lyft's cars. I was 17 on Lyft when it stopped moving for thirty minutes and kept sending me messages I had bad service. I was 19 on Uber. Thanks a lot for nothing!
  3. Complaints
    I feel like a victim of uber! Does anyone else feel the same?? It all began shortly after signing up for uber about 3 months ago. I woke up one day to see a text message from uber claiming I was passing up on some ride requests and told me to check my email. "You've been online, but not...
1-3 of 3 Results