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  1. Las Vegas
    Just got this from Acres this weekend. 15$ drop off and free entry to win a TV for all Drivers. Normally they do $10 drop, so this is another way to make money. Good luck- I need a new TV!
  2. Las Vegas
    I heard from a fellow driver, and he has proof from his rider, that Treasures is giving free drink coupons if they say that they don't want to pay cover charge. This lowers your payout to $20 a person from $70. My friend lost out on $150. The riders text him what happened, and since they are...
  3. Las Vegas
    I am getting a little fed up with these new rates. The only way I am making any money is on the nighclub kickbacks and of course the strip clubs. Whose thinking of not working and just going out on NYE? I am seriously considering it.
  4. Las Vegas
    Red Light Entertainment It is a service for live adult entertainment... We are the only service in the city to pay referrals to Uber drivers. We really want to help all drivers in Las Vegas to truly maximize their money making potential. Call me personally to learn more or sign up call the...
1-4 of 4 Results