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  1. Advice
    So a rider left there keys in my car (11/11/16) and got kicked under a seat so it went unnoticed until my final trip that night. She Called me 11PM (11/12/16) the next day asking if i have them I said yes and informed her I will be home till 5 if she would like to come get them but said she was...
  2. Miami
    Hey Everyone! Do you all know how much UBER is undercutting the TAXI industry and ultimately, YOU? I started driving in The Florida Keys, there are very few drivers comparatively. UBER's mileage rate is $1.80 per mile. In the two months I drove, NO ONE EVER COMPLAINED! UBER should be charging...
  3. Houston
    Friday, 10/16/15 If you were at Hughes Hanger today, please check to see if (ladies) there is an extra set of keys in your purse and (gentlemen) if there is an extra set of keys in your pocket. The key chain has a KIA insignia as well as a red bottle opener on it. They belong to one of the...
1-3 of 3 Results