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  1. Kansas City
    Apologies if this has already been discussed - just point me toward the thread 😌. As usual, I couldn’t find anything addressing intoxicated - especially if they appear sober but REEK of alcohol - or generally sick riders and my sole discretion to deny their rides. Is this posted anywhere? Or a...
  2. Kansas City
    I'm getting mixed info from UBER X drivers as to the need to file for KC city tax for non-residents driving passengers to/from KCMO. Also would this apply for deliveries made in KCMO with UBER Eats and Doordash? If this is a requirement how does one even begin to determine that the ride...
  3. Notifications
    if you where a Driver Saturday night Kansas City, mo. Westport and had you window smashed by "peaceful" Protesters. A lawyer Stacey Shaw has a video on her facebook page of the incedent. You got out of the car and they surrounded you. Older guy driving.
  4. Complaints
    Uber select not available in Kansas City. Does anyone know why and how long before it’s activated again?
  5. Kansas City
    I don't know what these people were thinking but if they were trying to set me up they must not be to bright lol got this request a couple nights ago
  6. Kansas City
    Let's talk flat rate surge! The top 3 pictures are during surges either on fridays or Saturdays from 11pm-3am As you can see i had trips <15min or less few mile trip and made $25+ which made the miles on my car and being up at 11pm-3am worth it. Not to mention the multiple shootings and...
  7. Flex
    https://www.google.com/amp/fox4kc.com/2017/12/20/family-and-friends-mourn-call-for-change-after-70-year-old-man-killed-in-blue-ridge-boulevard-crash/amp/ I feel so sorry... just making Christmas cash GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Family and friends are mourning an Olathe man who was delivering packages for...
  8. Kansas City
    Just curious how it's working out for drivers with premium cars; is there much of a market or are you doing mostly Lyft & Uber X runs?. Here's my context, I'm getting ready to buy a new vehicle (I need..ok ok I want... one anyway, NOT specifically for ride share). I'm debating between my...
  9. Kansas City
    Trying to finally get my KC paperwork in order. I feel at one time the app and website for uber had better directions for what exactly I need. A small business license and then a drivers certificate and a sticker for my car? 3 separate things or 3 things that are accomplished with one set of...
  10. Kansas City
    Hello everyone, I am new to Uber what type of insurance do you carry? I just realized my insurance has an exclusion in it. Do I need commercial auto even though I am only doing this part time?
  11. Kansas City
    30 days after your first trip, you're required to apply for a business license and do some other stuff. 1) If I never apply for these things, will I get to keep the money I earned in that beginning 30 day period? Or will uber somehow take it away from me? 2) once I reach that 30 day mark, will...
  12. Kansas City
    Been driving core about 6 weeks bit sure if it's worth it. My best week in earnings was 605. I have been experiencing high 3's to high 4's. Any tips for driving. Not sure is i should ride to a certain area and work it. Like staying in Gladstone, Liberty or Zona Areas. Not getting any calls in...
  13. Kansas City
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1-15 of 15 Results