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    November 11, 2019, 8:42 AM EST Travis Kalanick sold about 20% of his stake in Uber Technologies Inc. last week. Kalanick, 43, a director at the ride-hailing company, sold 20.3 million shares worth about $547 million that were held in a trust, according to a regulatory filing on Friday Kalanick...
  2. Advice
    What does everyone think. If Travis came back as CEO and recognized the company took the wrong direction and he was going to make it right for drivers again. Would you give him a shot to make it right?
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    Austin Geidt, an early Uber employee who joined the company in 2010 and works in its autonomous vehicles division, ? rang the NYSE opening bell Friday alongside executives as well as Uber drivers from Los Angeles, London and Sydney. While a video showing how Uber operates around the world...
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    City Storage Systems, the new real estate venture headed by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, has been quietly scooping up properties throughout New York City. https://therealdeal.com/2019/02/04/...-are-expanding-their-territo&utm_medium=email
  5. New York City
    City Storage Systems, the new real estate venture headed by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, has been quietly scooping up properties throughout New York City...
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    https://www.wired.com/story/uber-move-slow-test-things/?mbid=nl_042118_daily_list_p IN THE LATE 1950s, a weapons maker called the Martin Company received a contract to build the first Pershing missile. Should it ever be used, there would be no margin for error. It had to be perfect. And the US...
  7. Stories
    Full story: Breaking News! Travis has not been siting around playing Floppy Bird and Nintendo Wii, he has crafted his next move in epic fashion. Former CEO Travis Kalanick sold his remaining shares valued at $2.5 billion and rebought enough shares to retake control of Uber and sent a...
  8. San Francisco
    From the Business Insider: Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is planning to sell 29% of his shares in the car-ride company in a deal valued at about $1.4 billion, Bloomberg reports. Kalanick had long boasted that he had never sold any of his equity in Uber. Now, it seems, he'll be selling to...
  9. Advice
    Beware of sending any such information. Uber will use it against you when it finds out how much you get paid by Lyft (Or others) vs. how much they pay you. If you drive for Lyft occasionally, they will adjust their incentives to diminish you fares. Just be careful... Uber has a new CEO but you...
  10. New York City
    Hi everybody! The morally bankrupt Uber and it's twin Satanic cousin Lyft have consistently shown that they have little to no desire to manage the rideshare platform. So here is my advice on how we can spread the word one by one, one driver at a time for us drivers to self-manage the platform...
  11. New York City
    Why do passengers want to use a shared ride which inevitably delays them just to save $2? I honestly don't get it. Uber loses, the driver loses, the riders are generally unhappy with the product. What is the honest point of Uber poop and Lyft Poop for either company? The shareholders of Uber...
  12. New York City
    Any driver at this point who offers; water, mints or any sort of refreshment at this point is a doofus. No disrespect to my fellow drivers on this forum but Uber + Lyft are low paying services. This is not a black car service and should be as bare bones as possible. It shocks me when I meet...
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  14. Complaints
    Travis/Uber lies to pax, the public, society at large, gets away with it, over and over. "Your safety is our highest concern." "Tips are included." and so on... Lies to drivers, gets away with it, over and over. False claims of income potential. "Lower prices means more income." "We got your...
  15. Miami
    There's a civil war on the board at Uber. Kalanick is trying to take back power. Will he adopt the attitude that if he can't have Uber, then no one will?
  16. News
    https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-08-02/it-will-take-a-lot-to-kill-uber It Will Take a Lot to Kill Uber Mounting problems aside, it has one thing going for it: It provides a valuable, in-demand service. August 2, 2017 by Justin Fox (OPINION) It'll take more than that. -...
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    https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/03/what-silicon-valley-can-learn-from-ubers-rise-and-fall.html What Silicon Valley can learn from Uber's rise and fall 3 Aug 2017 by Ruth Umoh It's common knowledge that Uber, once touted as the company behind the future of transit, has had a highly publicized fall...
  18. Washington DC
    Hello Ubers, I am writing a paper on Uber ethics and I can use this poll as a source. Thank you for participating, Zechariah
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    http://www.businessinsider.com/emails-uber-wanted-to-partner-with-google-on-self-driving-cars-2017-7 Emails show that Travis Kalanick was wanting to meet with Page about a possible partnership but was having trouble getting him to agree to a meeting.
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    Travis Kalanick has interestly gained thousands of followers admist his resignation. The world seems intrigued to hear what he has to say. Travis has remained silent since his departure.
1-20 of 36 Results