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  1. Miami
  2. New York City
    Hey guys its finally here I got juno update and now I can put pax number into juno :) SO lets start here with the current issues Uber pool 5$ flat amount getting payed less not good pool all around. no tips :( no power driver no shares. juno has all tip will launch after beta we need to...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    http://a1.am/en/2016/03/28/meet-the-secretive-startup-trying-to-steal-ubers-top-drivers Introducing Juno. Juno, a 100-employee startup still in stealth mode, is launching a ride-sharing app in New York City sometime this spring. And when it does, it's going after the 800-pound gorilla: Uber...
  4. Orlando
    Juno is a stealth new startup that's gearing up to take on Uber with a laser focus on keeping drivers happy. Juno will give its drivers equity in the company. On top of that, Juno will take a smaller cut off every ride: Just 10% compared to Uber's 20% to 25%. It's not trying to undercut Uber --...
1-6 of 6 Results