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  1. Melbourne
    Hey guys, just read this https://community.ato.gov.au/t5/COVID-19-response/Job-Keeper-2-0-and-Job-Seeker-at-the-same-time/td-p/106948 I would appreciate your guys input in this.
  2. Australia
    If you receive $4000 into your bank account during August, is it your GST turn over for that month? Or, is it my gross income excluding any deductions such as UBER Fees, Booking Fees etc? Thanks
  3. PSA

    I just got a phone call from ato today, and been told that job keeper payment rolled out yesterday and the next payment would rollout sometime early next week. Anyone who receiving jobseeker while receiving jobkeeper allowance won’t be receiving jobseeker, plus they would have to pay back the...
  4. Melbourne
    Hello All, I need to take an important decision today as I have to sign off tomorrow, thank you all for your help. I have been working with same company ( full time) for over 7years now. Things have lately changed (before covid19), made my position redundant but the CEO is saying she will give...
1-4 of 4 Results