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  1. San Diego
    Do you drive for UberBLACK in San Diego county? A local company exec is looking for an on-call black car driver for airport pickups and drop offs. There is also potential for weekend and event driving for the other company execs! Tired of inconsistent requests and long wait times for requests...
  2. Advice
    Hi, I'm already working for a London private hire firm but sick of not getting enough work in return. Anyone tell me how much I can earn and if its worth it? Already working a 50 plus hour week but not making the cash. Is Uber the answer, I bloody hope so ha?
  3. News
    There's an article in The Huntington News (a student newspaper) with this title: Uber mistreating drivers Here are several paragraphs from the article: What does it matter that a large quantity of clothes made abroad are produced in sweatshops, so long as they look good? And what does it...
1-3 of 3 Results