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jiffy lube
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  1. Vehicles
    ehen you take your Rideshare Vehicle to Valvoline or Jiffy Lube, the technicians do checks on all of your vehicular systems and make replacement recommendations. One such recommendation focuses on your car battery. Be wary of the technician who tests your possibly new battery and comes back with...
  2. Chicago
    How much are you guys paying for your Uber & Lyft inspections? My local mechanic is offering a discounted price to do both of mine for $20-25. Is this a good deal? Let me know what you guys are paying.. I may be able to get a discount on the inspections for other members.
  3. Stories
    I just got my first inspection done at the Jiffy Lube on Roosevelt in Lombard. I had the discount coupon from Uber, and I showed it to them before the inspection. They did everything super quickly, were incredibly polite, and when the guy handed me the inspection form he said "I'm not going to...
  4. Las Vegas
    Jiffy lube no longer accepting Uber Rewards. Why is it when you try to explain something to uber they act like they don't understand you.
1-4 of 4 Results