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  1. Vehicles
    Background: I have a 2011 Jetta 2.5 SE Manual; it just hit 201,000 miles; I do most of my own maintenance; and I got an oil change yesterday. Problem: After ubering around Denver today (great day, hit my goal in about 5 hours) and on the way home; I feel a drop in power, the engine starts...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    FELLOW DiESELHEADS! Pont me in the right direction? Need DEF w/ krause fill adapter ONLY (or even an empty adblue bottle would do the trick) AFAIK audi/VW parts department at stealerships takes Sundays off, right??? And non-German non-dealership sources don't have the fill port adapter so no...
1-2 of 2 Results