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  1. Washington DC
    Got thia gem today made my day lmao. Soooo sorry I didnt get out at Terminal A at DCA with tons of traffic and cops yelling at cars to put your bag in the trunk and the car smelled like car freshener :(:( Like I care stupid passengers they can goto....you know where
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I need to complain about yet another one of their screwups I tried the usual email at [email protected] and that apparently no longer works Can someone tell me the customer service email to these asswipes?
  3. Lyft
    Anyone here been docked (score-wise) by a pax that you feel had a chip on their shoulder? And did you bring it up to Lyft? I picked up a pax the other evening, not sure if this dude was having a bad night beforehand, but he pretty much was critical from the get-go. Case in point, when I...
  4. Advice
    Not sure if I'm venting or seeking advice. I posted earlier asking if you throw a Pax out earlier after I encountered 4 highly intoxicated men from Chicago wanting to tip me by performing different sexual acts upon me. As I said in that post they were harmless just drunk horny jerks. Well I'd...
  5. Advice
    So I get a lot of these 20 something jerks trying to over-stuff. I was kinda of sick of it happening too much over the weekend and when a guy tried it again and then kept on whining after I said NO... I said: So what kind of work do you do for a living? He responded that he is a bartender. I...
  6. Advice
    I typically stop driving around 10pm to avoid the drunks. Friday I did my first 10-2am drive. Nearly everyone drunk but happy go lucky drunks. Then I had a group of 4 men visiting from Chicago. Midway through the ride the three in the backseat started offering to perform very explicit sexual...
  7. Complaints
    I had 2 groups of 7 or more for XL in last two days. The typical entitled 20 something that thinks Uber is a Luxury $500 limo service and anything goes. No it is a $5 limo service with rules! The first group I counted as I rolled up and cancelled after they refused to get another Uber for the...
1-7 of 7 Results