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  1. Miami
    =AZXqRzyCA-NfMBu5Fdmc9kB3RevNhcZuPVrFXOQfM7lAj8t3ti-m_d9V7fJsuz6GKX7lFg_sqKi_gN6Wp900itEGYq1kcWUI9gQLEnnR-HtbVQ16dhovp9JMKmgmaWV5vYAbdOmvSOtMG-Lt0WD-J06sz6tpxKbkeMT6RxGz4JISdhRnUXHVbT-e9e1mKQzQXUnDwVs99JEKgWY_U13k8Qsf&tn=-UC%2CP-y-R']Vanessa Brito - Community Activist...
  2. Jacksonville
    I live in Jacksonville and only drive after 5 and during the day on the weekends. Some days are good....some aren't worth the hassle. I usually net about $10-$15/hour (after expenses) in Jacksonville. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Jacksonville
    Anyone getting boost in Jacksonville fl i started with uber a year ago and when they started ubereats i signed up. they take 25% if you have uber/ubereats but the guy at the greenlight hub told me if I only do ubereats I will get boost but they take 35%. So I cancelled uber and now only have...
  4. Jacksonville
    Any one care to share? Did 5.5 hrs. A magnificent 68$ and some dudes loose change and pocket lint. I made him feel amazing by saying oh thank you thank you. Like some oliver twist orphan. In my opinion totally a bust id like to see any tactics you guys used and was it profitable. Also picked...
  5. Jacksonville
    I cleaned this up and it's now an Excel doc. Very simple. Enter 6 variables such as gas cost per gallon, your MPG, average trip length and Uber pay rate... **As noted on the calculator, this does NOT include tips nor surge pricing. Take a look, it's a great way to know if what you are doing...
  6. Jacksonville
    Lyft sent out a text today with the info and i now see it on the local new. Come May 1 Lyft drivers must have the emblem in the front and rare windshield of their car, insurance and registration to drive in Florida and nine point inspection to pickup and drop off at JIA.
  7. Jacksonville
    Folks please keep your heads on a swivel, check all your mirrors when holding for rider pickup, day or night. http://www.ajc.com/news/crime--law/uber-driver-rear-window-shot-out-while-picking-fare-florida/Fkrh6Ojyx3UJ133Qg0ZZhM/
  8. Jacksonville
    Will we see the mad scramble to be in the Honey Comb?
  9. Jacksonville
    It started with another drive who got his new bank card with the chip, before he got his new card he could cash out and get paid in 20 min but along came the new card and now it takes several day for deposits to arrive. Well i got my new card last week, my first cash out was fine but cashing...
  10. Jacksonville
    The name of this driver is Linda, and she drives a Grey Honda CR-V. Linda was pretty nice UNTIL this happened: I took a trip to Jacksonville, along with a friend for a short cruise to the Caribbean. I gave the exact address of pickup (JAX Airport) to drop off location (Cruise port) in the Uber...
  11. Jacksonville
    Well TPC starts tomorrow, you can list the :) the :( and the :mad: and things that make you go o_O.
  12. Jacksonville
    I took a rider on lyft to St Augustine from Jax, as i stay to take him back i took a look at the uber app and did one ride on surge. But there were surges that saw no takers and lyft is not available down there.
  13. Jacksonville
    Come Monday the new Power Driver Bonus will go up by 5 rides. Old 25/ New 30 10%, Old 40/ New 45 20%.
  14. Jacksonville
    My first set of riders were thanking me for coming to get them because people were finding it hard to find U/L that were available.
  15. Jacksonville
    http://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/st-augustine-woman-says-uber-driver-came-over-uninvited-tried-to-grope-friend/197123092 This is getting out of hand, i can see regulation coming that is going to bite.
  16. Jacksonville
    I sign up for to a Uber Driver last night and finally got approve today. I'm very new to this and a former Veteran too. I live on the Northside of Jacksonville, FL and looking this as a part time job right now. I'm a contractor for United States Navy at the Naval Station Mayport. I'm a...
  17. Jacksonville
    Downloaded the update yesterday and it turned out to be the new app. It looks nice, you don't have to go online to see info. Caution my waze app was crashing this morning when used with the new update. Nice to see customer feed back, would you believe one feed back was (5* Too Expensive)...
1-17 of 17 Results