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  1. Atlanta
    So about 2 months ago, I checked my trunk after a day of Ubering and it’s a black brief. Inside are 2 new Samsung tablets. I can’t pinpoint them to a rider so all I do is contact support about it and the tell me they will get in touch when something comes up. It’s now June and still no response...
  2. Lyft
    I had a group of less than sober guys out for a bachelor party the other night. One of them left a wallet in the backseat. I didn't realize it was back there until I received a call on my PERSONAL number from the pax. He informed me that LYFT had given him my contact info so that he could claim...
  3. San Francisco
    Lyft rider left her keys in my car. Let’s see now, did she tip? Oh, she didn’t tip. I better get right on this one then, top priority.
  4. Austin
    Hello, I left a purse full of some very valuable items in an Uber last Saturday night in Austin. I have been back and forth with Uber support, but they won't help me because I wasn't the one who ordered the Uber. I don't even know the name of who ordered me the Uber, but I know every item in...
  5. Advice
    So a rider left there keys in my car (11/11/16) and got kicked under a seat so it went unnoticed until my final trip that night. She Called me 11PM (11/12/16) the next day asking if i have them I said yes and informed her I will be home till 5 if she would like to come get them but said she was...
1-5 of 5 Results