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  1. Miami
    Download new Uber app, what do I get flag issues. I try so hard to make the ride pleasant and this is what I get. Almost 1000 rides I had 2 issues when I started and nothing for 9 months, 100s of rides now this. Either my driving got bad or something has changed where Uber is asking...
  2. Washington DC
    Get this bs message from Fuber at 1:30am that a passenger is claiming that my car smelled like weed and it made them uncomfortable! Seriously like wtf I don't even smoke weed and I only smoke cigarettes outside of my car. How can I control the funk passengers leave behind or smells from...
  3. Complaints
    Can someone explain to me how a driver could contact a driver AFTER a ride has been closed out? How would it even be possible to have the riders number? Please help.
  4. Atlanta
    Regarding Riders Feedback there are two columns, 1) Issues and 2) Comments. Are the passengers able to read both columns? Issues and Comments? Or just the comments? Please let me know. Thanks
  5. Chicago
    All of mine have been wiped clean. Good ones and the bad ones. Uber is screwing with us. I'm pretty sure they have messed and crossed these issues up. I received a cleaniless of my car report with a comment that I had poor hygiene . I was furious as it was not true. I hate that these pax lie...
1-5 of 5 Results