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  1. London
    okay lets break it down to a realistic figures monday to wednesday working between 1pm to 6pm wil get you around £13.50 an hour, thats having a 5 min cigarette break every 1hr, Early morning will get you around £18-£20 an hour from 4am to 9am. thursday similar hours basically £15-£16 an hour...
  2. Advice
    26 hours online. 24 trips. $187 Uber pay +$25 tips = $212 Subtract expenses (gas, depreciation, maintenance) 317 miles at 40 cents per mile= $127 $212 - $127 = $85 $85 / 26 hours = $3.27 per hour
  3. Stories
    So, I am heading home down I-77 from an 'ok' Uber nite in Charlotte NC, 2:30 a.m., and forget I have the app on after my last fare. I am rarely out driving Uber this late near Charlotte due to the drunk knuckleheads who abuse you, and then rate you badly, but I had 2 good airport runs back to...
1-3 of 3 Results