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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Last night was the first concert at the new FivePoints Amphitheater in Irvine. Dropped some folks there last night and had some trouble. Google and Waze have bad info on the venue's location. Did an extra 15 min of driving trying to find the dropoff spot (did get a $10 tip for my trouble.) To...
  2. Flex
    Hey guys! I'm a long-time Amazon Flex driver and my home warehouse DLA2 Anaheim is closing on June 6th. They are giving me the option to choose my new location and based on distance to my home I have narrowed it down to either DLA7 Chino or DLA9 Irvine. My question is which warehouse offers...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello, early this morning was my first Uber trip. Picked up three passengers; all were cool and understand people as I was flustered with using the Uber app on my android phone I just got. I go to Mt SAC college during the day in Walnut and live in Orange. So I commute along the 57 North...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hi, this is my first post I plan on being a full time driver in Irvine. About 40hours a week. Has anyone had experience in irvine and near UCI? If so, can you please share your experience. Also Im willing to take any type of advice. Thank you.
1-4 of 4 Results