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ios 11
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  1. San Francisco
    Same time as I upgraded to iOS 11 the Uber driver app started doing a few things differently 1) After a ride, the rating screen is pre-populated with 5* and there’s a slider to ok it. The slider takes forever to slide then it becomes a blue bar with a check mark that eventually goes away...
  2. Technology
    Apple changed what the WiFi off button does in the control panel / pop-up window. That button does NOT turn Wi-Fi off anymore, it just disconnects you from the current Wi-Fi. When you move to another place it will grab any Wi-Fi it sees and of course then hold onto it after it’s gone out of...
  3. San Francisco
    Just found out that IOS 11 has a option to record your screen activity directly from your iphone without having to tether your computer. USE THIS FEATURE!!!! Record you're entire shift, that wAY when you are asked for stupid shit you don't have like pax names and when you get into arguments...
  4. Technology
    Has anyone tried downloading the ios 11 beta? Does the Uber driver and Lyft driver apps work with it?
1-4 of 4 Results