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  1. Advice
    In Jan 2019, I had to trade my 2010 Escape in (can’t drive anything over 10 years old in Portland) and I got 2015 Outback instead. Got a load for around $16,600. Everything shut down that March. The following February, vaccines were available (& I was in 3 high risk groups so I was getting one)...
  2. Brisbane
    Uber no longer requires drivers to have at least 3rd pty insurance on their vehicle to use the platform…
  3. Brisbane
    Petbarn uses UberX to pick up parcels tricking the drivers into doing parcel drops when its likely the drivers vehicle insurance & Ubers insurance wont pay out in the event of an accident. After the driver accepts the ping a message will be sent advertising the driver “its a 1 of 1 parcel...
  4. London
    Hi all , I am very new here and not started with uber yet. Have done a little search here and there but need some advice please before I go further. I am planning to get a car (possibly Mazda CX5) ,I can get this car with %0 apr but I also saw Kia Nitro with a PCO hire company and it's...
  5. Advice
    I have been working Uber part time and I used to work full time about 3 years. I decided to start accepting all of the pings because I am at the end of the month and I wanted to hit the Uber pro gold status. I didn't look to see where my next ping was. It was in a very high crime area. I...
  6. Seattle
    Allstate to begin offering insurance to drivers and riders SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) - As ridesharing continues to grow in popularity, one insurance company is taking steps to help protect drivers and riders on the road. Allstate now offers commercial driving insurance for Uber in...
  7. Insurance
    I'm hoping this insurances forum could point me in the right direction, it seems that other forums are dead or don't know the answers. This information seems to be a tight lipped secret from Uber and Lyft, but I can't seem to find how much it costs and what companies besides James River offer...
  8. New York City
    Is clear blue a legit insurance company? Platinum coverage (inshur) for 5000 and I’m 19. It sounds to good to be true. Experience- 3 years of driving 0 accidents and 0 tickets. Should I go for it or i should stay with Hereford?
  9. News
    https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.825188?v=A6FCB2D524EB7D6A3ABED0C283C4DF70 In Major Blow, Court Bars Uber From Operating in Israel Starting Tuesday morning, Uber Day and Uber Night will be not be allowed to run cars through their app due to insurance issues Haaretz Uber has been...
  10. New Jersey
    Has anyone added this to their policy? If so, is it worth it? Also, how pricey was it?
  11. Insurance
    i got into a accident (it wasn't my fault) nation wide insurance is calling my primary insurance to find out if i had the proper ride share insurance, which i think i didn't have, however i thought once you turn the app on Uber insurance takes over. Nation wide insurance is now calling Geico to...
  12. Des Moines
    Hello fellow drivers! I recently got approved in Ames and was thrilled to find out I can also drive in Des Moines. But then I found out my insurance (Progressive) won't cover me if I were in an accident while online unless I get a commercial policy, which will cost about $2000. Not something...
  13. New York City
    I'm going to finance a car and going to but personal insurance on so I can get a better rate then switch it to TLC insurance the following week. I want to know if anyone here has done that already and will the insurance company give me back a full refund?
  14. Insurance
    More and more drivers are reporting Uber and Lyft are NOT covering accidents and drivers are getting seriously burned.
  15. Washington DC
    Hey everyone, Those of you living in VA know that for a while GEICO was the only game in town when it comes to proper insurance coverage. My Erie agent that does my non-Uberworthy car told me Erie now offers rideshare coverage in VA. GEICO was $200 down & 150/month just for my Uber car. With...
  16. Miami
  17. Sacramento
    I am Floridian, about a year with Uber, and might move to Sacramento. Are there insurance companies that provides commercial or hybrid insurance to TNC drivers? Should I have a special car inspection? Anything else I should know before start driving in Sacramento? Your advises are highly...
  18. New Jersey
    Hey all limousine and Uber Black drivers in NJ only. I just got better insurance rate this year and I would like to share the info so you can save on your insurance bill too. If you are interested please email me I just can't make it public because the website rules.
  19. Phoenix
    Does anyone have the actual coverage amounts of the Commercial insurance while you have a fare in your car? This would help me greatly thank you in advance.
  20. News
    Farmers Insurance Launches New Rideshare Coverage in 7 States http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2016/01/05/393820.htm Farmers has introduced a new Rideshare Insurance Coverage designed to make rideshare insurance coverage options available for ride-hailing drivers in Arizona...
1-20 of 20 Results