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  1. Advice
    can anyone point me to any threads that give an no bullshit take on Lyft? Been doing Uber for 8 months. 450 rides 4.97 Just from having the two driver apps to compare the last couple days I’d say Uber really surges in suburbs and Lyft gets hot in the city whereas Uber does ok, again in my...
  2. Advice
    I want to start right away but don't understand so many things. I do better with video instruction but Uber offers maybe 2 useless short videos with none of the process shown and a few dead link videos. Been looking for a proper understanding for over a week. Need to understand the sequence so...
  3. Complaints
    The Uber Stickers go on the INSIDE of the Window with the words UBER facing INTO THE VEHICLE and the Chinese Coin logo facing out.. I got it all wrong. I am feeling stupid.
  4. Technology
    Is there a way to determine what changes were made to the app when a new update is offered? Usually, an app update includes a summary of what changes were made. I can find no such summary anywhere when updates are pushed out. Am I missing something? On a related subject, is there any kind of...
1-4 of 4 Results