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  1. Melbourne
    They are outside the Nest doing 2 cars at a time today. If you spot them maybe post a heads up here. We know we are all roadworthy and kosher, so this is a massive waste of time best avoided.
  2. Chicago
    Yep, late Friday afternoon. In a white car that says, "City of Chicago Business Affairs". He was very slowly creeping through the lot. He hassled two guys in separate cars in adjoining spaces, one of which I'm pretty was sure for not displaying the emblem on the dash - apparently the guy had...
  3. Las Vegas
    Just a heads up, for all of us Vegas drivers. The Clark County business license ($25) expired yesterday. The county licenses are NOT one year from the day you get them, but based on the fiscal year. Even if you just signed up in October, those licenses are expired as of yesterday, November 1...
  4. Brisbane
    I have been roaming around Eagle St and the Valley at the busiest time of a Friday night. No compliance vehicles in sight, which is weird for a busy night like tonight. I think QT compliance officers have changed their tactics thanks to the new law. At least they are saving tens of thousands of...
  5. Montreal (French Canada)
    Join the most active WhatsApp alerts group for Montreal and surrounding areas. We need more eyes on the road, and you receive help from other drivers as well. Details on our Facebook group: ubermontreal
1-5 of 5 Results