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  1. Complaints
    I passed my inspection on all ends. The mechanic did the inspection on the sheet emailed to me by Uber. Everything (except one thing, to be explained) was filled out and marked properly with all passing remarks. The State Certification Number was not filled out. The mechanic told me Colorado...
  2. Complaints
    Do I need a TNC inspection if I work out of NH? Yes or no? And if so, isn't it due in my regular inspection month? Thanks for your help. Mike
  3. New York City
    Hi guys... I’m trying to get my vehicle inspected by the TLC and I have a few questions. I have a code p0017 which I could reset and make monitors ready. But the problem is that the code pops up when the car is restarted. From your experience does the TLC restart the car anytime during...
  4. New York City
    Hey, so I want to finance a new car and transfer over my TLC plate to the new car. However, from previous experience, I know that TLC Inspection at woodside used to take months to schedule an inspection date. Given, no more new TLC cars can be registered in the city, does it have any impact on...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just signed up for Lyft and need to get a vehicle inspection. The problem is, I have one tire wearing prematurely and I'm waiting to hear back if its going to get replaced for free. Not enough tread left on it at the moment. If I were to fail the vehicle inspection because of that tire, would...
  6. Stories
    I failed my Lyft inspection (Maryland) because of a barely visible 1 inch 'star' break. I really wouldn't call it a crack or a break because when I run my fingernail over it, I can't feel any indentation. And you can only see the imperfection by eyeballing the windshield very slowly, and it has...
  7. Chicago
    Help. Need the right individual for a car inspection. Does anyone know a person that CAN help out with a little problem. No independent certified mechanic, I need someone who works in a shop thats approved to fill the form and have it pass.
  8. Chicago
    Help. Need the right individual for a car inspection. Does anyone know a person that CAN help out with a little problem. No independent certified mechanic, I need someone who works in a shop thats approved to fill the form and have it pass.
  9. Philadelphia
    So a week ago, Uber Support sends me a message out of the blue. I’m thinking, “What did I do now?” Email says I’ve been selected “at random” for the privilege of inspection of my 2009 Toyota Corolla by PPA on South Swanson Street (between Snyder and Oregon Avenues, near the impound lot). Says I...
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    My car is almost new, do I still need an inspection? Is it something that can be done at the green light hub? I'm near there anyway. If not, what place do you recommend now for inspection for a new Uber driver?
  11. New York City
    Hello. I have an appointment with TLC inspection next week. The car is good just the front bumper and grill have cracks. Will i pass? Also the hood tip is slightly bent.
  12. New York City
    So in reverse order, JUST got my plate letter today (talk about irony) and now plan in a few days to get my plates. When you get your TLC plates, do you HAVE to return your regular plates, or can you at least keep one? I ask this because to pass the time and keep making scratch, I"m doing uber...
  13. Advice
    Uber wants me to upload vehicle inspection document but my state doesn’t require inspection. Uber support told me it’s because my account is registered to a state that does require the inspection. Does anyone know if I can have my car inspected in Massachusetts if it’s registered in Connecticut...
  14. Boston
    So I'm a Ct driver In boston right now and this just popped up. Never even had an option to upload this, Ct only has emissions inspections not safety so should I just upload that? Anyone know how long I have to upload this before my account gets put on hold.
  15. Minneapolis
    Hey all! I just signed up for Uber, not even approved yet, and wanted to get the inspection out of the way right away. I read on a couple of articles that there is an online service called Ride Share Mechanic where they can do the inspection via video chat. As soon as I got to the site and put...
  16. New York City
    TLC scheduled my appointment in 2 days but I'm headed out the country that same morning. I thought I would be able to schedule the appointment on my own time so that's my fault. Says I need to reschedule within 48 hrs of my appointment...it's under 48hrs & TLC is closed after 5. (I tried...
  17. New York City
    Hey guys just got my hack license approved. I am interested in using my own car not leasing. I have at my avail a 2018 Chevy Equinox that is Hunter Green ( look on the Chevy website ), it is clearly distinguishable from a SHL /borotaxi lime green. Spoke to a supervisor at the Woodside...
  18. Vehicles
    I am signing up to be a driver and I have a new car. I Uberchatted with reps last night who said I still need to have my car inspected. Is there a place here in Waldorf that does it for free or low cost, like today?? TIA!
  19. Minneapolis
    Where is the best place (price wise) to get an Inspection in Minneapolis? Also, I know my brake pads and rotors will likely need to be replaced, will I fail an inspection or do I need to get those fixed now? They aren't bad, just recommend by Chevy to have Front and Rear replaced.
  20. Vehicles
    Where I live at in Maryland the state does not require any inspection other than the original inspection when you first buy your car. Uber however requires an annual inspection of its own. Is this a full state inspection or just a smaller safety inspection? The shop that Uber list on their...
1-20 of 51 Results