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  1. Austin
    Hi guys! I just traded my car for a brand new 2019 Niro Hybrid and I don't drive often, but like to just for a bit of extra money on the side of my real job. I'm confused about the inspection sticker, because since it's a new car, it doesn't need inspection for 2 years. Can I still drive...
  2. Burlington
    Is anyone else having issues with Uber about your car inspection sticker? They keep asking for a picture of the back and when I send they say its the wrong document! Now they are threatening to disconnect me. Several calls to them have resulted in all different solutions! Downloading documents...
  3. Montgomery County
    I already have a Maryland inspection from January. My car was bought within the last month. Do I need to get a new inspection? I don't have an über sticker how do I get it? They are asking me through text to drive people already. Do I need these papers to drive? I also don't have a Maryland...
  4. Advice
    So the angle of the windshield prohibits me from getting a visible picture of the inside of my PA state inspection sticker. This is the ONLY thing holding me up from getting started. I've tried uploading different pics but they email me back that it's not visible. Is it possible to speak...
1-4 of 4 Results