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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    A California judge on Friday ruled that a 2020 ballot measure exempting rideshare and food delivery drivers from a state labor law is unconstitutional because it infringes on the Legislature’s power to set workplace standards. This is going to be a little long, but I want everyone to read it...
  2. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    So for the past 2 weeks, I had a lot of rides related to IEHP and the rides flowed like crazy. These rides were out of Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs. This week? Nothing. Nada. Zip. At least from IEHP. I got a ping in Desert Hot Springs for 5 miles away to take a kid to school and that’s...
  3. Advice
    I just moved to California and finally had my account reactivated after months from changing my delivery area. The area is the Inland Empire, I went yesterday right around Ontario but only received 2 deliveries in 2.5 hours. One in Ontario and the other one in Chino 20min away. I'm under 21 for...
  4. Introductions
    I just got the idea ,signed up ,got inspected , downloaded the uber app and now waiting on final approval to drive . thinking about doing Coachella ?? If only I knew the first thing about being an Uber driver .... or what I should expect , any feedback is appreciated . Please tell me what you...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What can be done so they can start including a BASE FARE in the SOCAL area?
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I currently live in SF and I will be moving to Chino Hills. I grew up in the LA area so I know SoCal very well. Which region has the best quest bonuses? LA, OC, IE, or SD? Also, which region has the least amount of headway--time and distance between trips?
  7. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    I am from the IE, work in the IE, and do quite a bit in the IE but not a full time driver. One of the places in riverside that drives me nuts is university village. More importantly because people do not know how to pin their pick up points correctly and do not like picking up their phones...
  8. Advice
    i just started driving for uber full time while im in between jobs, and its been kinda hard. i live in joshua tree but have to drive to either riverside or palm springs to get any or a lot of business. riverside has been good in the early mornings - like 9 am or so. anyone have any advice on...
  9. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Where's the best locations to drive & what times of the day, new here from ATL!
  10. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Hey, I'm going to sign up to drive with uber and I want to make a good amount of income and have frequent rides (possibly make this full time for now). I live in the IE but I 100% don't mind driving to Los Angeles if it means that I'll be making a lot more money there. I have no clue which areas...
  11. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Howzit? I was just wondering what fellow drivers are planning to do to make big bucks in the IE on Halloween. Is it worth staying local? Or are we better off heading to LA or OC?
1-11 of 11 Results