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  1. Bloomington, IN
    Anyone driving in Bloomington ? hows it been
  2. Indianapolis
    Rates go up? 22 an hour ? which are you doing: Uber or Eats ? What precautions are you guys also taking ?
  3. Bloomington, IN
    I was wondering if I could drive in Indy for the race, even though I drive in Bloomington? I have heard that I can't ride in other cities, I was just wondering if I could drive in other cities in the state or not at all? Thanks to those who answer.
  4. Indianapolis
    Greetings! Good Day and much Kindness for all. Ok... I'm bored. Not enough chatter among UberIndyPeople and the pings are scant today. Noticing the surge maps this past several days of challenging weather post-holidays... Friday was an amazingly robust day for select and 2.5X+ surges - uptown...
  5. Indianapolis
    I'm thinking about adding fresh fruit delivery to my stores here in INDY. I'm looking for advice from some uber eats drivers if I should go with Uber eats or try to find drivers myself.
  6. Indianapolis
    Hello! Taxman Brewing Company is hosting our 3rd Annual Death & Taxes Day Beer Festival this Saturday (April 22, 2017) in Bargersville, Indiana. We have sold 2,000 tickets (which does not include the 45 breweries plus volunteers). Guests are already asking about the availability of Uber to get...
  7. Indianapolis
    Does anyone in Indy have experience with the uber delivery or UberEATS? I'm considering signing up but have no idea how many trips I'd get delivering things. Is this well established in Indy or is it emerging?
  8. Pay
    Hello, iv been with uber 6 months now. Im wanting to make it my full time job. Ill start with working friday and saterday noon to 4am thus 500. Im wondering what hours and pay people get sunday through thursday. Im in indianapolis. Happy driving folks
  9. Indianapolis
    I kept wondering why I was not seeing guarantees for the Brickyard 400 this year. Then I found out why, because no one used Uber that day that I could see! I went on about 1pm, yes late, but nothing was surging still, then I drove around a bit, got lunch, and ended up doing 2 runs for X, I...
  10. Indianapolis
    Currently it must seem to Lyft that being available 50 hours a week and accepting 90% of your pings while making sure you drive the weekend bar(f) crowd home is too easy. They're going to switch to a "new and improved" system that keeps the peak hours requirement, keeps the 90% acceptance rate...
  11. Indianapolis
    Very curious to see an Uber driver’s response to a project we are involved in. I would like to talk to a driver or two and see if there is any interest before more more discussions. Our company makes an alternative fuel for government and private fleets for 1.69 a gallon here in central Indiana...
1-11 of 11 Results