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  1. Stories
    All the wonderful high-tech stuff that we enjoy and depend on these days are largely due to the innovation from Silicon Valley. To support the constant advancement, big tech companies here have long been hiring computer science talents from overseas, especially India. As a result, I have had...
  2. Stories
    What was the one thing I disliked the most about Uber driving? I would say it’s driving empty miles home after being taken to a faraway place where I couldn't find anybody to drive back with. Empty miles (or dead miles) were bad because they cut into profit. As an Uber driver based in San Jose...
  3. Melbourne
    Hi Uber Drivers! I have a question - if you are from India or Pakistan and are driving Uber, do you find it difficult to find authentic Indian/Pakistani meals while on the road? Do you find places are average or not good enough? If you know of any places that even come close, let me know!
  4. London
    I have applied for my ph licence on 28/1/16 Could anyone tell me how long it would to arrive? I have different time frame from people, Some say 6 to 8 weeks, some say 12 weeks. I intend to buy a vauxhall insignia diesel they sell around £5000 with about 45000 mileage. And want to start...
1-4 of 4 Results