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  1. Washington DC
    You guys are probably tired of hearing me say I stay out of D.C. as much as possible. These two trips illustrate why. They're similar in terms of time of trip but the distances are way different. Trip one: afternoon rush hour. 1.6X Pool from Arlington into D.C. near 9th and U. (My DF was set to...
  2. San Diego
    Good idea or bad idea? Check out from today ABC13 news in Texas!!!!! HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Uber drivers are coming together to voice their complaints about the company. Drivers will gather in the parking lot of George Bush International Airport and turn off their apps this afternoon...
  3. Advice
    I'm curious if anyone has tried this technique before. How well does it work? How many rides can you get? Also, are there other techniques out there for getting more airport rides? https://superrideshareman.com/2016/12/18/the-single-best-strategy-to-make-more-money-with-lyft-and-uber/
  4. Advice
    What I gather, based on some basic math and adjusting for expenses, is that UberPool rides are less profitable than regular rides. What are your thoughts on this? The bonuses at the moment are helpful but once they are gone and basic rides apply, are we getting less profit in the end?
  5. Miami
    Hey Everyone! Do you all know how much UBER is undercutting the TAXI industry and ultimately, YOU? I started driving in The Florida Keys, there are very few drivers comparatively. UBER's mileage rate is $1.80 per mile. In the two months I drove, NO ONE EVER COMPLAINED! UBER should be charging...
1-5 of 5 Results