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  1. Advice
    Whenever Uber decides to end it for YOU. Or all of us. (Just joined) It ended for me Monday at 4am. The weekly "Here's your incentive package for next week" email came in Sunday at 5 pm.... "Introducing Power Driver One - "Take 63 trips, earn $155. It's that simple...a new and improved weekly...
  2. Las Vegas
    Got a message about an incentive for doing 100 rides but no dates or info. Did anyone else get this and know of times, zone or details? Thanks!
  3. Connecticut
    Uber has managed to cheat me out my guarantee for $16hr gurantee..first they said I didn't accept 90% of my requests which is crap cause only missed 1..and the second week of the guarantee they said I didnt complete all my trips..which is BS..because 1 trip was picked up in hartford and drove...
1-3 of 3 Results