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  1. Pay
    Here's a spot to share your personalized Quest incentive values for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Show us all just how horrendous Uber is to you.
  2. Lyft
    I haven't been courted by Lyft for over a year! My last Lyft trip was in the Before Times -- December 2019! They're getting desperate! And what's with the weird timeline?!
  3. Advice
    An extra $5.30 per trip on a hundred trips? Is it possible? Are these good deals?
  4. Sydney
    I started at 8 am and finished at 4 pm. Took $350 in fares and qualified for the $100/18 trips bonus on top! There should be music festivals in Centennial Park every day!
  5. Advice
    wanting to know if uber drivers can have magnetic signs on their cars while they are driving in the city? thanks
  6. San Francisco
    Less than a year ago, I loved driving during the incentives Uber offered, which were hourly guarantees. It went over well the first couple times, but afterwards, I became furious when I didn't get my incentive payment. Uber claimed I didn't accept enough rides (but from my stands I'd accepted...
  7. Lyft
    Does anyone know if Lyft allows for double dipping on the incentives? Because they are going nuts here in OC on the 6-8AM drive time. We've got an hourly bonus this week on Am and PM rush hours, plus I received a +$2 a ride for AM 03/22 they are calling the "Lyft Lightning Bonus (No, I didn't...
  8. San Francisco
    Hi guys, I just noticed I was missing my incentives for pay statement ending Oct 24th, turns out to be around 83.00. Was anyone else missing incentive money also?
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I just got my Lyft driver account deactivated today, Saturday 10/29, the biggest night of the year. It sated I needed to get a vehicle inspection. I noticed it after my first ride today. I was at 44 rides for the week and needed just one more to get the $175 incentive (for giving 45 rides this...
  10. Detroit
    I drove the Tycho Secret Show last week. We were told not to accept trip requests that came in while we were on a trip. This resulted in my acceptance rate for the week being only 67%. I qualified for the $75 extra earnings guarantee (completed 76 rides) but needed 80% acceptance rate....which I...
  11. Washington DC
    The latest attempt by Uber to incentivize me. This latest pop-up when I tried to log off. Really?
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Thank GOD I've been reading this board. Have I not, I might have missed the incentive pay. The real question why should I have to pay attention to that? You would think they could program it to be automatic.
1-13 of 13 Results