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  1. Advice
    So, I had a rider today who claimed to be a Safety & Security Investigator with Uber. The ride took place a very long distance from San Francisco. He was visiting from SF. Based on our conversation unrelated to his position, I believe him. When I told him how I protect myself from false...
  2. Complaints
    Uber's policy is apparently to suspended drivers for any allegation of driving while impaired whether it's true or not. If Uber is aware of a felony being committed why do they not report it to the proper authorities.
  3. Chicago
    Apparently one of my three suburban riders on the way to the north side reported me as possibly impaired. They all seemed nice enough so I can't pin it on some jerk. Apparently it's common, and within 24 hours it should correct itself. Damn--I barely earned enough to pay for gas.
  4. Advice
    So I need to drive Uber full time for about 1 month and make living expenses, as I am going through a transition period. I have done about 600 rides in the past with a 4.9 driver rating. Did Uber for a couple of weeks and I guess some rider complained and I got one of those "driving while...
  5. News
    http://www.khou.com/mobile/article/news/local/texas/beloved-texas-father-battling-to-survive-after-drunk-driver-hits-uber/285-515988760 BELOVED TEXAS FATHER BATTLING TO SURVIVE AFTER DRUNK DRIVER HITS UBER A Grapevine father is fighting to live in Methodist Dallas Medical Center after police...
  6. Miami
    Last night in South Beach a female pax reported me as driving impaired. Uber sent me an email stated that a rider reported me as driving impared, under the influence, etc. Uber stated that it is also investigating the issue. I sent an email to Uber last night stating that I had too many party...
  7. Advice
    Sunday I got a message that I was deactivated due to a rider reporting me as impaired. WHAT?!? I was not impaired at all. I believe that it was someone trying to get free rides and this is absolutely ridiculous. I am going to be reactivated but I will never drive again without a dash camera! I...
  8. Complaints
    The other day a pax reported me to Uber for "Impaired driving", even though I haven't had a drink in weeks and I don't do any drugs. -Has anyone else had this complaint? -pt.1 Does it affect your status with Uber? -pt.2 What do you do in these scenarios if accused? I've already gone ahead and...
1-8 of 8 Results