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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I just got this e-mail and had to post. Riders can now say thank you for making a trip special with All Star Compliments And give you the ultimate VIP experience with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Each thank you enters you for a chance to win tickets to a game for you and your friends, on-field...
  2. Brisbane
    I decided to save Uber some time in designing the next lot of car icon promos so they can focus on what they should be, making the app work correctly. Im sure there are different kind of Uber Turkeys but I couldnt put all of them. ;) Hope everyone driving over xmas keeps safe and watch out for...
  3. Tampa
    Recently I started getting a number of gas icons showing on my Uber app... I have tried different times to disable the settings that may cause this but have been unsuccessful... does anyone have the secret to resolving this problem??? it is making my little monkey brain hurt...8(
1-3 of 3 Results