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  1. Chicago
    Yaktrax. You won't give a second thought to what surface you're walking on--just take them off when you head indoors.
  2. Stories
    Cover your ears he has a potty mouth COPS Show up!
  3. UberEATS
    Warning, this guy has a potty mouth.
  4. Complaints
    Hi, Was 5 mins from home with a last ride in the car when I was pinged. (late evening.) Feeling a little greedy I accepted (while driving.) It was below freezing in Icy conditions... actually quite treacherous. (thought it was a quick ride.) Nope. I tried to call the ride and ask if...
  5. Surge
    I haven't been driving for but about 5 days. I'm in Birmingham and they are closing roads. If you don't or haven't lived here you don't know, but they are not good at driving. Anyway I looked on that App and it said it was surging. And I excepted a ding that was 24 minutes away. And I excected...
  6. St. Louis
    I worked the surge for hours but finally lost my nerve in a two wheel drive minivan. I have never in my life seen so many accidents or backed up interstates. Crazy ass people flying by accident scenes and it doesn't register that they aren't immune to the laws of physics. The above was...
  7. Advice
    I live in a warm climate where water bottles warm up very quickly sitting in my car. I've been using a cooler with ice packs in the back to keep them cold but this often gets in the way, especially if the pax needs to haul luggage. Is there a more minimal option? I am also finding one of the...