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  1. Washington DC
    I know this wont reach the target audience of Ant at the pen but damn man what kind of grown ass adult cant use the bathroom like a decent human!
  2. Washington DC
    5o drivers in que two hours later still in que.
  3. Washington DC
    Sooo it seems BWI is getting sick of the cesspool which is the Northern DMV Cricket training facility as they posted these on all the portapotty's saying stop calling us call Uber/Lyft...just inching closer and closer to getting rid of the lot and the nasty turds who make a mess of the place
  4. Washington DC
    Whats with the queue always showing low numbers but crawling at a snails pace maybe yankdog can fill us in since you are the sage of airport pick ups oh wise one
  5. Baltimore
    Who the hell are they waiting for if the last flight was at 1ish??
  6. Washington DC
    Wow they really freaking did it its offically a freaking sharma stand at the bwi lot its become the wild wild mideast up there since airport cops never troll around....not a bad business model got give it up to Rohit living the American Dream
  7. Washington DC
    Uber needs to stop giving IAD rides from Avis Rental car to drivers in the airport que. I just waited an hour and got a ping for a rental car. I've done them in the past and get a $5 ride.
  8. Washington DC
    Can someone either tell me or direct me to the rules for picking up PAX at either DCA and/or Dulles? Thanks!
  9. Washington DC
    What are the latest rules here in 2016 for our airports? 1. BOTH AIRPORTS: What parts of the airport are you allowed to drive on? I mean: when a pax wants to be picked up or dropped off, where are you allowed to do that? Are some levels prohibited? And are you allowed/required in the...
  10. Washington DC
    I have issues with the app locking up at the airport. If i pull up to the arrival location at the pick up point the app will not automatically arrive it so i manually swipe "confirm arrival" on my Android but it locks up and wont go "Green"for me to start the trip so i have to sit still and...
1-10 of 10 Results