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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just wondering if anyone has seen the new commercials from UBER to recruit drivers? And is this the 1st time they have done this in Toronto?
  2. Miami
    Hi fellow Miamians, I'm 100% new to Uber. Like I think I've even ridden in one probably once in my life. I'm essentially a young soccer mom/workaholic. Thing is, mama needs a break. It would really help my family out mainly my son, if I were able to leave my beloved job. I also make a nice...
  3. Atlanta
    I feel like uber hustles us enough but to be hustled by the rider too... Naw shawty. They request a pool just to get a cheaper price knowing they have no intention to pool. Even act funny if you pick up someone else. Any thoughts?
  4. Miami
    Hi there! Im new here and work for an a company that is uber but for boats. We're based in South FL and are looking to network with Uber drivers. Anyone here interested?
1-4 of 4 Results