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  1. Advice
    I've had two riders who immediately upon getting into the car started asking questions and it continued for the whole ride. They were long rides to the airport so it was more of an issue than it would have been on a short ride. The conversation was not a back and forth. They didn't ask questions...
  2. Delivery
    Guys I have a problem, I cannot open the app, once I write my email and password, opens a page saying that there was a problem with our end. Do I need to wait untill the account is activated? I did not put any vehicle yet as I have a bicycle and there is not any option that allows me to set it up
  3. Advice
    I just started driving for Lyft and had my first shared rode last night. I had zero clue how to navigate the app. There was no option when I arrived at the second passenger to show that I'd picked her up. I think I was supposed to turn off navigation once I'd arrived to access the other...
  4. Seattle
    We'll help you as you help us. Together we the ants can beat out the heaters and troller trying to keep us poor. Therefore sorry you'll find many of these trolls posting negaitive and distractiary post. Just report everyone you see, together we can beat on the cockroaches. They like to keep...
  5. Technology
    The user ends up cancelling before you can cancel, but you feel it's your own fault. Is there a way to refund the cancellation fee in the app charged on to the user?
  6. Taxes
    HI all, I'm going to make this short but detailed because I can't find a damn answer on this. I've been driving for lyft for about 2 months but am now starting to take mileage. I live in Brooklyn,NY but lyft in Jersey City. My main question is, do I mark down my odometer the second I get into...
  7. Technology
    Is there a way to determine what changes were made to the app when a new update is offered? Usually, an app update includes a summary of what changes were made. I can find no such summary anywhere when updates are pushed out. Am I missing something? On a related subject, is there any kind of...
1-7 of 7 Results