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  1. New York City
    salutations I want to know how many rides to hour ratio do NYC Uber Drivers get? You can include the average pay to hour ratio as well.
  2. San Francisco
    Less than a year ago, I loved driving during the incentives Uber offered, which were hourly guarantees. It went over well the first couple times, but afterwards, I became furious when I didn't get my incentive payment. Uber claimed I didn't accept enough rides (but from my stands I'd accepted...
  3. Pay
    Hello, my question is... To meet the hourly guarantee of 1.5 rides per hour, do rides have to start in the time slot or end in the time slot. I have a ride that started at 7:55pm, the hourly rate started at 8pm. The ride ended at 8:24pm. Would this count towards the 1.5 trips per hour requirement??
  4. Lyft
    Does anyone know if Lyft allows for double dipping on the incentives? Because they are going nuts here in OC on the 6-8AM drive time. We've got an hourly bonus this week on Am and PM rush hours, plus I received a +$2 a ride for AM 03/22 they are calling the "Lyft Lightning Bonus (No, I didn't...
  5. New Jersey
    i usually just stick to Uber especially on Friday night in New Brunswick/Edison because it's plenty busy with little down time. Lyft has a 40/hour guarantee tonight was looking for some feedback. Typically Friday nights I'll start around 8 and head home around 3/4 depending on how much I made...
  6. Delivery
    I am only signed up to deliver for UberEATS not for pax. So no UberX or uberpool Does the surge or hourly guarantee apply to UberEATS only drivers ? City of Los Angeles Thank you
  7. Washington DC
    While uber employees are sneaking on us in here trying to hear something unrealistic about uber poop such as -drivers love uber poop- and at the time they are trying to ignore the ugly reality about poop service and not understanding it s not working because drivers Are not making. Money of it...
  8. Seattle
    Next Week's Average Hourly Guarantees Tue. 9/6 $45/hr from 7am-10am $40/hr from 4pm-7pm Wed. 9/7 $45/hr from 7am-10am $40/hr from 4pm-7pm Thu. 9/8 $45/hr from 7am-10am $40/hr from 4pm-7pm Fri. 9/9 $45/hr from 7am-10am $40/hr from 4pm-7pm Your Guarantee Zone To meet your hourly ride...
  9. Complaints
    Less than a week. Haven't driven all summer. No surge, no drive. University students moved back, and it was good for about 5 days. Drove a few hours made good 2x - 4.1x rates. Then Uber sends out the guaranteed hourly rate text, and tonight doesn't have much surge, made $5 + 0.54¢ mile and went...
  10. Advice
    Who here has had success with Uber's Weekly & Weekend Guarantees? I'm not looking for a way to scam it, nor looking for a story that I can't believe. I'm just looking for some honest perspectives or stories.
  11. San Diego
    Is uber still paying hourly guarantee in san diego?
  12. San Francisco
    Hourly Guarantees an Uber Myth killed the Surges and made us UberPOOR Drivers. Surge & UberX riders only. Uberpool unfriendly. Tips are not required but are appreciated.
  13. San Francisco
    So $&[email protected] I don't think I clicked the button to opt in for the guarantees this weekend until after the noon cutoff on Saturday. When I clicked it, however, it said I am now eligible for guarantees. What do you guys think the chances are of me getting the hourly guarantees this weekend?
1-13 of 13 Results