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  1. Delivery
    I completely ignore hotspots because hotspots always seem appear after I've picked up an order from the designated location. For example, I pick up from Einstein Bros then do my dropoff, I look at my screen and voila! Einstein Bros is now a hotspot. I don't ever recall being asked for my...
  2. Jacksonville
    Hello everyone I'm new to the city just moved her from up north. I am trying to maximize my earnings here since it is so different then driving up north. Can anyone point me to where I need to be driving and times. I'm finding it hard to make 100 or more a night throughout the week here like I...
  3. Connecticut
    Uber Hotspots & High Demand Hours in Fairfield County High-Demand Areas in Fairfield County Connecitcut: Downtown Stamford Downtown Fairfield Fairfield University (use Loyola entrance after 10 PM) Metro North Train Stations Sacred Heart University University of Bridgeport Colleges closed...
  4. Advice
    I got two phones I use for Uber, one for the pl..... Kidding, I have my Android phone for the actual app and navigation, and my main iPhone that I use for the radio/calling pax. My issue is that since Uber randomly generates the number every time, I have to pull up the number on my own phone...
  5. Sydney
    Anyone know of any good locations to get fares at midnight. I'm just starting, and would be really helpful.
1-5 of 5 Results