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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi everyone, I wanted to make a post about making money and what has really worked for me. So I am literally going to post to the world one of my best insights; something I like to call areas of high concentration and high frequency. I'm sure there are other posts related to this but this one...
  2. Providence
    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole Ubereats and I live in a city about 10 or 15 minutes away from Rhode Island. Was just wondering; what are the best spots to do ubereats on a bike and get a lot of deliveries? I don't seem to be getting any where I live, maybe due to the fact that this place is...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Selfish greedy Uber and Lyft!! No Surges No Hot Spots No Nothing. I live in Santa Monica and it was great surges in the AM before 9 and the PM at around 5. Now Nada. Gas prices are almost $5.00 a gallon in Los Angeles, probably in the OC too. They're states getting paid way more that us with...
  4. Houston
    I'm probably the only person that started with lyft, then came to Uber later. I have a short window of time to drive 8-11am weekday mornings where should I go? I understand the airport is ridiculous and a waste of time for me being that I can't sit in line all morning. But where can I get a...
  5. Jacksonville
    Hello everyone I'm new to the city just moved her from up north. I am trying to maximize my earnings here since it is so different then driving up north. Can anyone point me to where I need to be driving and times. I'm finding it hard to make 100 or more a night throughout the week here like I...
  6. News
    The next time you request a ride through Uber, you might wind up waiting longer than expected. http://www.wcpo.com/longform/phantom-uber-drivers-not-where-they-appear-to-be
  7. Columbus
    Hello everyone! I have been a driver officially for 8 days now, so far I love it. Since this is my 2nd job, just to make some supplemental income I'm not available all the time. So far I have found good times and places to be for business. Reading some of these posts and replies I see that...
  8. Chicago
    Since being closest to the rider MO longer guarantees you get the ping I thought I'd share some techniques that still work to get a ping immediately. Swipe your credit card at a gas pump. Sit down on the toilet. Lite a cigarette. Take a road without anywhere to turn around. Pull into your home...
  9. Connecticut
    Need help that will increase my earning potential in Connecticut... Just moved out here from Chicago and it is hard to even mustard up $50 a day (Chicago I would average $175/day). Any advice or helpful tips that will help me earn a steady rate?
  10. Richmond
    Okay, so we're all in this gig to earn a living or extra cheddar for the month...between the hours of 10a.m. and 4p.m. Where can a driver find reasonably consistent trips #tiredoffishingforriders
  11. Technology
    I am a new driver (I have not had my first customer yet) only to learn I cannot use my Nokia Lumia 1520 as a driver. I love my phone and was told I could probably keep it as long as I purchased a tablet and somehow connected the two. I love the idea as I like the larger display for Navigation...
  12. Tampa
    I work part time. Started in July. In 2 days I did 230. Gross. Net after expenses. I.e gas. Only at the time. It was 215 net. But since then I don't even come close. It may be where I'm driving but still. 4 or 5 trips. In 3 to 4 hrs is terrible. I sit 95%of the time unless I think it's better...
  13. Cincinnati
    I've been driving for a little over a month and still trying to figure out a good strategy. What do you consider the best places to be positioned in Cincinnati to maximize my earnings?
  14. Technology
    I've been Ubering and Lyfting for about six weeks. I've been working on getting a nice setup for myself and pax. So far I have: Galaxy 5s for Lyft- waze Galaxy note 4 for Uber- waze Samsung 10" tablet for aux navigation- google maps Nuvi 2689 LMT for 2nd backup nav- gps Falcon F360 dashcam...
  15. Advice
    Hey folks. I'm a new uber driver and I was wondering if there is some way to view a map that shows all past uber rides_route etc. for the past weeks, months etc. It would be a helpful tool for choosing best areas to take calls. Or maybe your familiar w/ hotspots and are willing to share them?
1-16 of 16 Results