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  1. Columbus
    I had a hospital dump a tweeker on me (under their account). Security escorted this lady out to me who was obviously tweeking and pregnant, the trip was short so I took it and plus it was cold. She was pretty messed up but I was totally pissed about how they handled it. I gave the hospital...
  2. Complaints
    It's a slow day today and my last two pings were surging and they were both requests to go to the ER. First ping was on Uber, second on Lyft. No thanks.
  3. Pittsburgh
    Is there and Uber driver Pittsburgh,available this monday 11/23 at 4:00 AMto pick up off Babcock blvd to go to UPMC Shadyside? Im coming to town to attend my brother's hip replacement and he needs to be picked up and brought to hospital. I am staying near hospital,will Uber from airport tomorrow.
1-3 of 3 Results