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  1. Adelaide
    Thinking of getting back on the horse. Also driving for über again. What are people averaging a week these days? Still over $1,000?
  2. Atlanta
    Wonder what it would be like to have Uber Carriage. Hourse pick up in downtown area for a short distance. Thank me later, Would it be a luxury charge?
  3. Autonomous
    Former GM vice chairman: 'It is absolutely inevitable - human-driven vehicles are on their way out' Bob Lutz, the former vice chairman of product development for General Motors, wrote a missive in "Automotive News" that society is "approaching the end of the automotive era." Lutz predicts that...
  4. Stories
    When horses were a common means of transportation, one would give the horse a little smack on the rump to send it on its way after dismounting. I've had a few people do this to my car after they get out and shut the door. How the hell did these jerks get the idea that it's okay to spank the...
1-4 of 4 Results