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  1. Brisbane
    Hi Folks, Just moved to the GC and thought it would be an easy dollar earner here, I quickly realised a DA is many $$, transferring CTP is many $$, finding an insurer for my car as a ride share vehicle is extra $$ and on top of that Uber help line are vague in any info given which is read of a...
  2. Melbourne
    So i wanted to get your views on how the first few days of the rate cuts were. Here is my experience so far... I went around working around 30% harder to make the same amount of money i had before. I drove around continuously busy for 4 hours with some small breaks between jobs. Only made 85$...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    why is it hard for Uber to do the right thing. how in the world are they only going to have the drop off location and not the pick up location???.... I don't understand and they do track us so why isn't that the Tech people don't use common sense. now I have to go back and double check all my...
1-3 of 3 Results