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  1. Chicago
    I’ve been online since 9pm. One ride in 1.75 hours. One $4 ride. No tip. I know these holiday hours are slow but like, whoa. This is next level slow. I’m not even mad tho. Uber has f-ed up my emotional response system
  2. Philadelphia
    Tell a sad but true story like: I am out driving because - gotta go shopping tomorrow - heating and electric is due - driving to keep phone on so I can drive -- I will try a pleasant one to see if it brings in more (you know money brings more money... The rich take care of the rich... You got...
  3. Pay
    What rate did Uber guarantee in your city for the holidays? List your city and rate they promoted I am in Houston TX and they guaranteed us 1.3 and 1.5 WHAT A JOKE....THAT LOW NUMBER IS A SMACK IN THE FACE. SHAME ON YOU UBER. NOT EVEN A 2.0 IN A CITY THIS MASSIVE.... WOW!
  4. New Orleans
    Who has some Holiday pictures to post ? ITS almost over with. Anyone have any pictures ?
  5. Canberra
    Quietest Monday morning I can remember in recent times. 1 request in 90 minutes and I even passed on that as it was 10 minutes away. Got me to thinking why, and I could only come up school holidays? Coupled with the fact next Monday is a pub hol, maybe there are alot of people on leave/away...
1-5 of 6 Results