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  1. Atlanta
    Does anyone know if I can drive in Hilton head since technically it's the same market as Savannah? We're allowed to drive in Macon (not that we'd ever want to) so I'm curious about HH/ Savannah area. My family and I go to HH every summer to stay at my parent's summer home. I'd like to work a...
  2. Savannah
    I spent 4 hours on HHI the other day and made about $4.at least 10 drivers on the island as I write this mail. We need to be smarter and unite a bit guys and gals or we are wasting our time.
  3. Build a community in...
    We need to get together. Uber is moving us around like rats and we are taking all the bait.... I started driving 3 weeks ago and I have been studying the surge's and how drivers dart to the surge area, even from Savannah... In a small market like this there is a MUCH better way for us to make...
  4. Savannah
    Uber recently negotiated an agreement with the Savannah-Hilton Head airport that allows Uber drivers to wait for passengers on the premises. Has anyone tried this yet? Is the demand for Uber decent at the airport?
1-4 of 4 Results