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  1. Insurance
    So I just got my renewal for my state farm insurance in Florida with the TNC endorsement. My bill went from $1140 to $1285. I'm wondering if part of the reason is they added/changed the endorsement codes. On my old policy I had endorsement 6015J which was actually only about $6.50 per month in...
  2. New York City
    This may be something you are already aware of, but check it out. Increased surcharge for all trips below 96th st in Manhattan. https://www.blackcarnews.com/article/congestion-pricing-coming-for-fhv-taxi-drivers-in-2019 What I'm trying to figure out, how exactly does this impact the driver...
  3. London
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5712982/uber-price-surge-snow-piers-morgan/ I was home all day today....... TAXI giant???
  4. News
    http://abc7chicago.com/traffic/wisconsin-couple-outraged-over-$900-uber-bill/2177382/ Update: Uber to refund family all but agreed cost of $214 for Summerfest to Brookfield trip...
  5. Atlanta
    Uber needs to adjust Fares according to Gas Price hike. All my pickups were 15 min to 17 min away. I am not driving 15min for free to pick them up. Uber needs to add Pick Up distance to the equation.
1-5 of 5 Results