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  1. Long Island
    I would like to organize a Uber/Lyft Long Island strike to protest the extremely low rates on Long Island. The are roughly 1/3 of what they are in NYC and the Hamptons with a similar cost of living. We as drivers cannot continue to work for these extremely low wages. I have been doing many rides...
  2. Advocacy
    Hey fellow drivers, I'm conducting this poll to see howany will be willing to STRIKE just 1 day? How much money would UBER lose if just one state didn't drive for just 1 day? How much would Uber lose if all the state went on strike for just 1 day? We either do it all together or we can't...
  3. Miami
    Ok so I know that this will be hard to get people to go along with but ill at least give it a shot. What I have noticed is that surge pricing at least here in fort lauderdale occurs when there are no uber drivers available in an area. If that lasts for a few mins surge pricing will go to 1.5x...
1-3 of 3 Results