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  1. San Francisco
    Took an Uber Friday night, car smelled clearly of weed, driver’s window open and driver, let’s call him R, with over 13,000 rides, clearly high as a kite. Gave him 5* & cash tip as usual but wtf.
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Team,. At what price of gasoline will you stop doing ridesharing? It's almost $1.60 in Vancouver now, and appears that gasoline prices are back on an upward trajectory.
  3. Seattle
    You can have multiple people in the car on UberEats, so now it’s become a “thing” to go party and hang out doing UberEats. No, I sh-t you not. The passengers don’t need to be sober.... Not sure who came up with this one but apparently it’s “fun work” versus sitting at the TV, it becomes like an...
  4. News
    https://www.thelocal.dk/20180116/danish-court-fines-uber-driver-half-a-million-kroner One of the men received a fine of 486,500 kroner (65,300 euros) for 5,428 Uber journeys in 2015. The others received fines of 110,000 kroner (14,700 euros), 60,000 kroner (8,000 euros) and 40,000 kroner (5,300...
  5. Las Vegas
    Yes the cannabis convention I've had a few people go over to the Rio , Make sure you have some type of Febreeze They do stink Up the car, You don't want other passengers thinking you're driving around high. And if you do want to contact I hang out @ the Rio
1-5 of 5 Results