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  1. Complaints
    Hello, Am I the only one who gets messages from Lyft saying the demand is off the chart, when I open the app the whole city is red and surge up to 550% BUT not getting any request???? This morning I stayed in my car for an hour and I didn't get anything despite the "high demand". My acceptance...
  2. Baltimore
    So in the back ground I can hear the "Eye of the tiger" from Rocky playing in my head. I hope this isn't a huge build up like Halloween was this past year. I understand people will go out. The harbor and bars will be packed. This will be my first NYE even leaving my house in about ten years as I...
  3. Dallas
    What city has the most long runs to Dallas or the airport, etc? I have a feeling it's the northern suburbs but I'm not sure. I know if you start in Dallas, it's all small rides. Should I start in Plano or Lewisville or Frisco? Let me know your thoughts.
  4. New York City
    How much can I make in NYC driving for uber i know I will have to rent a car spoke to a few friends of mines they said they can get me a c300 Avalon or a highlander for about 380-477 a week so I would like to know if I was to work m-f maybe even the weekends how much can I take home after a 8 or...
  5. London
    Hi guys uber claims Friday and Saturday night will be extra busy according to there latest email from them, so they want all drivers out to cover the demand,what you guys think about that?
1-5 of 5 Results