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  1. Stories
    There’s a perfectly bad story to explain this. This was almost three years ago at the start of the pandemic. Somehow this ended up in my passenger account. It belongs just not there.
  2. Vehicles
    Find out what it’s like to drive a Tesla! Make your reservation in minutes Still considering a Tesla? You can rent one from Hertz to drive with Uber for as low as $334 per week (excluding taxes and fees).1 Drivers renting a Tesla in Atlanta are currently earning an average of $26.17 per...
  3. News
    Uber, Lyft drivers shift to Teslas amid high gas prices Very disappointed in this Yahoo piece. This is just corporate whoring, plain and simple. 15k rented Teslas my ass!
  4. Advice
    Hey guys, I am a brand new Fort Collins & Denver driver. I decided to do this because my truck broke down. Plus, I am a night owl. My first question is because I am renting through Hertz I have a quota I must hit in order for the car to be paid by uber. I am generally working between 9 pm...
  5. Vehicles
    Hi, I'm a reporter with the LA Times. I've covered Uber/Lyft for about 5 years -- 1st at BuzzFeed then at Recode now at the LA Times. So there is a chance I've spoken to some of you at one point or another. I'm shifting back to covering more of the labor issues & in covering the driver strike in...
  6. San Francisco
    Hi all, new here and first ever post. I was searching through the SF Forum regarding Hertz rentals and only have found messages that seem pretty dated. My car went out of commission and need to use a car to raise funds to have the transmission replaced. Pluses and minuses? Looking at the...
  7. Insurance
    Is ther a good thread or site for advice on how to protect myself from liability and fees. I was recently in an accident with hertz uber rental car in Los Angelles. Need help before I speak to rental insurance on how to handle. Must protect from worse case scenario if it ends up being my fault...
  8. Chicago
    So, I have once again been locked out of the app by the hertz rental team. I have been doing my weekly extensions and will require a renewal next week. I have been driving without any issue or notifications. Until last night. I got an email stating that my rental is "extremely past due and must...
  9. Seattle
    If I rent an Uber-approved car through Hertz, will I have to apply for a new TNC permit & sticker for it before I can start driving?
  10. Chicago
    For anyone who has questions about renting car from Uber-hertz program. Few days ago I had horrible noise and took it back. Car needed new rotors but they said it’s too expensive and I have to drive with that noise. If I don’t like it I can return car
  11. Complaints
    SUCK, HYRECAR is the only option. LYFT contracts with HERTZ and that was great...at least it worked for me. Then when I got the "bullet" from an unknown LYFT passenger ...."decision will remain final" blah blah blah...... Yes UBER offers HERTZ but not in DALLAS....WHY is this? I've...
  12. Chicago
    Has anyone seen the new incentive that they are running? Is it worth it? Looks like it covers the cost of the car if you drive close to full time 0-49 trips $0 50 - 74 trips $75 75 - 89 trips $125 90 - 104 trips $160 105+ trips $210
  13. Vehicles
    Anyone else notice the highest reward went down to $150?
  14. Lyft
    This company not only left me stranded on the road! they destoyed my life!! they are monsters!!! I'm posting on every forum today!! how hertz express drive is a scam!!! they won't even give me my deposit back!!!
  15. Lyft
    This company made me homeless and doesn't give a ----! About anyone! After driving 3 years and over 9000 rides, this last week was the lowest they have gone, after my car was towed from a broken fan belt , they wouldn't even get me a car. I had to wait until the next day because it was Sunday...
  16. Lyft
    So he was driving, got rear ended by another driver and it wasn't even his fault, of course he was deactivated, Hertz then, didn't turn in the info to lyft until 4 days later, then charged him for the next day rental, the accident was at night there was no way to turn it in- then lyft doesn't...
  17. Advice
    So I picked up a car and I need to go to another location can they transfer all payment and info or do I need to return and get a refund and then do so
  18. Lyft
    Its amazing how all of a sudden every ride is 15, 20, 28 minutes away on this SUNDAY day. I also can tell right away, if you're acceptance rate is lower then 90% your getting all the rides. Saturday I did 35 rides in 14 hours, and today its about 1 ride an hour, how amazly different. So I need...
  19. Lyft
    when I first started with hertz the rental was free and .25 a mile off the clock. It was 65 rides for your PDB, 20 peakrides. Then they started charging 180, then 200, then 210, now its 250 a week! 85 rides, 35 peak and with taxes and other charges. PDB is impossible, its not even a bonus, its...
  20. Lyft
    Well i have to be out of my apartment by monday,these policies have destroyed my life, only 10% primetime, and having to move, I wonder how much more money lyft made, by starving their drivers out of their life? I have to check every ride, and their are a lot of them that are short too, talk...
1-20 of 39 Results