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  1. New York City
    Some of you Accord owners know someone, or have a car with a burned out DRL, its that little strip on the headlight that goes out. Honda released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) with a warranty adjustment on headlight replacements for those effected, for 10 years / unlimited mileage. So if...
  2. Chicago
    Yesterday I went to 400 W Superior for my administrative hearing after a Wrigleyville Cop ticketed me for Driving While Cyclops. I brought a receipt for the new bulb and the City Attorney dismissed the charge. There were no administrative fees. Good news. I had wanted to try my hand at riding...
  3. Vehicles
    Whoever designed this car's headlights should seek counseling. Immediately. I thought there was a law that said composite headlamps had to be changeable without tools... Or maybe that's just an urban legend? Apparently I'll be removing both fenders, the front bumper, and both headlamp...
1-3 of 3 Results